2020 Year in review and a promise to do better

2020 is an interesting year and on a personal level will likely go down as one of the most challenging I have ever had, and I think most of us will agree that it is unique.

I was originally diagnosed in 2016 with stage 2 prostate cancer, and in Nov of that year I had a radical robotic prostatectomy. Following surgery it was upgraded to stage 3 as the cancer was outside of the organ when it was removed. After about 6 months things seemed ok. My PSA was undetectable, Physically I was close to back to normal and I was pushing myself to be more of a technology voice.

In January of 2020 I was told I had a chemical recurrence of the cancer and would need to undergo radiation to get rid of it likely for once and all. I started the radiation in March. The shutdown happened about halfway through my 8 week of radiation and I was fortunate enough to be able to work remotely through the duration. I was highly fatigued for months after and added hypothyroidism to my medical list so in general I was pretty wiped by the end of every day. No traveling meant no VMUGs and no VMWorld. No customer visits and no ability to evangelize as I had before. I was still able to successfully and repeatedly disaggregate a vSAN cluster using the ATTO Technology XstreamCORE bridge but was unable to get enough support from VMware to make it take off.

In November of 2020 I started my career as an SE for VMware as a part of the VCN Commercial team. Since that time my wife and I have found a dream home and are close to closing on it. Found an opportunity to help revive a special strain of Brook Trout that my grandfather has started the first fish hatchery for in the 60’s. My fathers best friend also worked for the hatchery. The home we are buying has a pond which we hope can sustain that strain and we found the one hatchery in the world that is working to preserve and sustain it as well. Thats exciting. It also means a move from the Niagara Falls area to the greater Albany NY area. Thats more stress.

Physically I still bear scars from the radiation. Not 100% and functions are not what they were.

I have re-applied to be a vExpert this year and am going to revamp the site and learn the skills needed to maintain it or hire help to get to that point. I am going to change the focus from ESX on Apple (but will still follow and provide updates if possible) to NSX, AVI, Velocloud, VMware Cloud Foundation, and vRealize Network Insight which are the products I am learning to specialize in. Hoping to get through the VCP-Network Virtualization certification as well.

So my promise to you all with 2021 is that I will do all I can to do a better job of providing you all with better content, a smoother website with better notifications and some new and exciting information.

Welcome to 2021